Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Chocolate Chip Bananas Foster Cheesecake Triple- Layer Cake

SO today my co-workers and I were able to enjoy this delicious concoction that Mr. Wright, my boss/co-worker/friend asked me to make after he found the recipe online on TASTY's facebook page.

It was a bit challenging, time-consuming and rather expensive, but he purchased the ingredients so I was up for the challenge.

The ingredient list was filled with a few of my favorite things that all put together basically made a cheesecake, banana cake and bananas foster altogether in one dessert. How can you go wrong with that?

I made the recipe exactly as written so I will link to the site for the instructions. My only suggestions would be to cut thinner slices (it is rich!) so rather than serving 8, it could serve at least 10-12.

Also, the recipe did not clarify that one of the layers of banana cake should go into a SPRINGFORM 9" pan because one will  have a cheesecake baked on top.

My only other note would be to say that the chocolate chips are not  necessary. They are good but almost competed with the banana and cheesecake flavors which in my opinion,  those flavors should keep the spotlight. I didn't think I would EVER say this but, next time I make it, I will omit the chocolate chips. (gasp!)

Also, this takes a LONG time from start to finish, so bake the day before you plan to serve it, or REALLY early the day of.

Here's my pics of the finished product (which were taken by Mr. Wright and another co-worker, Abbey.)

Enjoy~Everything in Moderation