Tuesday, December 15, 2015

O balls....a 3 ingredient recipe! (a repost)

An Ever so simple recipe to make with the kids! Delicious and makes 75! Let the kiddos give them as gifts!

My co-worker, Sally, served these in the Lounge at school a couple of years ago, and I had forgotten how simple and delicious they were. Now they are back on my Christmas list of fun treats to make. (You can also make them with the MINT Oreas, and the Peanut butter flavored ones)

A great recipe to make with the kids.

WARNING! These are very rich!


1 package Oreo cookies(1 lb. 4 oz.)
8 ounces cream cheese, softened
20 ounces almond bark,melted


Crush 1 pkg. Oreo cookies. Mix with softened cream cheese. Roll into balls; chill. Dip in 18-20 oz. melted almond bark to coat.

*You can also crush Oreo's in food processor and add in cream cheese cubes to mix. * chill this mixture before rolling into balls.

*You can drizzle with chocolate if desired.


  1. Seriously! That's it? Wow, and they look super addicting! Another addition to my "want to make this holiday season" list! YUM :D

  2. wow oh wow... this is incredible sounding

    great drizzle decoration

  3. Good grief, only 3 ingredients! I actually had some of these at a dinner yesterday and thought I'd really like the recipe- now I have it! Thanks Sherri, they are delicious.

  4. This recipe is a definite keeper. Love those recipes that are more than the sum of their parts.

  5. I've made these the last several years for christmas...didn't know anyone else knew about them. lol

  6. These sound soooo great! Nice that they make a big batch too!