Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Awhile back , I was asked to prepare a couple of simple, beat the heat recipes on our local news morning show (WSILTV-3).

What a blast hanging with this morning crew who made my time there enjoyable, and made me feel at ease. I shared a recipe for my LAZY BERRY SALAD.

 I call it a LAZY salad because it's for the lazy cook, or  the overwhelmed cook with no time for getting a meal together but would still like a nice lunch or light dinner to serve.

It's's OK to be lazy! The only work you will have to do here is drive to the supermarket. Unless you can get someone else to do that for ya.

Purchase a bag of "Lazy lettuce". You know, the lettuce(all varieties) that come pre-washed and bagged, ready to eat.  I prefer the ORGANIC ones,  because, well, I'm not a fan of eating pesticides.

Add some sliced, fresh strawberries. (Again, spring for the organic ones, if you can.)  I slice my berries with an egg slicer, because, you got it,  I'm LAZY, AND, the  egg slicer makes nice, uniform slices, if you're in to that sort of thing.

Add a small container of Feta Cheese (about 4 oz. or more if you like feta).

Add a small bag of sliced almonds (too lazy to try to slice my own! Goodness- I'm not Martha Stewart, here. Way too LAZY for that!

Add some pre-cooked chunks of grilled chicken (or rotisserie chicken from the supermarket that a non-lazy worker has already risen early just to prepare it for the lazy people).

Serve with pre-pared bottled Raspberry or Strawberry vinaigrette (cuz you're too lazy too make your own ;)

Serve on a brightly colored PAPER PLATE cuz dish washing is out of the question on a lazy day!

Enjoy your lazy day, with this lazy  girl recipe. I hope I didn't tire you from causing you to read the directions.

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