Saturday, October 10, 2009

Take a Break and enjoy....Anjo's Pizza

I realize that this is a recipe/cooking blog, but many of you surely are like me and some days even the best chefs need to take a break from their beloved kitchen duties, and enjoy the creations of another set of hands.

Enter Pizza.

I will say that I am not a big fan of store bought or restaurant pizza (around here anyway)- not until recently.

My son is a photographer, and went to photograph the food at Anjo's for the owners, John and Angie Furlow . He asked me to come along for the ride. (i.e. help him unload and load his junk).

The Furlows made some delicious creations for the photos, then offered it to us to taste, and take home.


This food was absolutely the best I've eaten here in SO. Illinois! It all tasted like it came from the home kitchen of a wonderful Italian cook!

Not surprising when John told me of the many fresh ingredients used in creating the dishes. And they use the best cheeses (I'm a cheese snob- except for the occasional Velveeta splurge-and I know good cheeses when I eat them!).

They prepared their pizza with everything for us- and hands down- it is the best I've enjoyed here in these parts! Perfect blend of fresh veges and meat- and the wonderful sauce and crust...I could go on and on.

Another wonderful dish was their Italian beef. Now, you all know I had an Italian beef recipe win first prize in a recipe contest years ago, so I'm rather picky about Italian Beef. I've tasted good ones, but never one to rival my recipe. Until now. Their sandwich is just like one made in a home kitchen and they've mastered the perfect blend of spices! I was shocked. It was better than the sandwiches I've ordered in full-fledged Italian restaurants!

Lastly, we enjoyed their wonderful breadsticks. Mmmmmmmmm....warm, and cheesy and perfect crust. They told me they also make Italian Beef Breadsticks, by topping the sticks with their famous beef and baking them. I didn't get to try them, but that will be on my next trip.

Speaking of which, in you are in or near the Sesser , Illinois area, YOU MUST visit this place. This is not an eat-in restaurant (well, they do have one table for four), and in nice weather there are several picnic tables outside- but it is mainly a pickup or delivery service, so you will have to go to:

804 E. Franklin in Sesser (it's right on the main drive as you enter Sesser from the highway 37) or call for delivery at: 618- 625-2656.

They cater parties in several area towns too! So if you have something special coming up, give them a call. They are open in the evenings, starting at 4 pm.

*Special note: VERY CLEAN kitchen. I saw it all and they are spotless!

For those of you who are too far away to enjoy this, sorry for the temptation.

For those of you who are near enough to take advantage of this wonderful piece of Italy...go there now! And tell 'em Sherri sent ya'!

I was not paid for this review. I enjoyed my food for free, but my opinions were purely from my heart and belly. If I didn't like the food, you wouldn't be reading a review on Anjo's Pizza.

All photos used by permission and created by Jordan Murphy, Squared Vision Photography in West Frankfort.


  1. The photos are have a very creative son! And the food....bella!
    We have the most amazing Italian restaurants in our city. It was originally settled with many southern Italians and their culinary skills and tradtions have been passed through the generations. It is hard to find the wonderful ingredients once we go to other places, that make for good Italian food. I am glad you have such a great place!

  2. Sounds amazing! Wish I could head to that restaurant right now...but just a bit too far :)

  3. I always love when a restaurant beats your expectations and I also love your son's photos.

  4. Sherri this seriously is making me HUNGRY!
    I adore Italian food of any kind. ~Delicious!

    Thank you so much for your sweet visit today.
    I always appreciate hearing from you my friend. You are always welcome to follow my blog if you would like. I would enjoy getting to know you better!

    Many blessings to you today! ~Melissa :)

  5. I'm with Melissa, I *LOVE* Italian food too! Sounds delish...wish I lived closer!

    Thank you for the nice comment on my blog! *smile*

    Hugs...looking forward to your next post! ~Liz

  6. Did you take those pictures yourself?? They really are great. And the pizza looks DELICIOUS!

    My new blog is up, would love to have you visit!

  7. Thank you for following Sherri!
    I'll do the same. Your blog is just wonderful.

    ~Enjoy the holiday! ~Melissa :)

  8. The photos are excellent!!! And the food looks amazing!

  9. You didn't tell us you had a food photographer kid! How cool. :)

  10. The pics are great and the food looks yummy! Wish I was near there, you made me want one.