Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Very Best From Momma and Me- Italian Pizelle Cookies


I want to introduce you to the best Southern cook I know. This is my mother, Rose.
My son took this photo of us for a Mother's Day Gift last year.

She is a 75-year-old homemaker extraordinaire.

I'm going to be featuring many of her best recipes that she has passed along to me and I'm here to tell you- if I put her name in the title of a need to make it. Her food is ALWAYS delicious! Not necessarily the healthiest dishes, but THE BEST recipes.
This is where moderation is key.

Some are pretty simple, but no matter the time it or technique it takes to put one of her dishes on the table, it's ALWAYS worth it.

My Mom was a stay at home mother while my brother and sister and I were growing up. She cooked 3 times each day- DELICIOUS Homemade breakfasts, lunches and dinners. We rarely ate out.

She loves to cook with lots of real butter, full fat chicken broth and cheesy sauces!

SO, I'm starting off with a traditional Italian pizelle cookie that we made together recently. This recipe was actually passed down from her late mother-in-law, my grandmother Amelia, a wonderful Italian cook.

First, you must have one of these. A Pizelle cookie maker.

But don't dispair if you do not own one. These cookies can also be made on a cookie sheet for the same great flavor, they just won't be as pretty.

You will need:
6 eggs
1 cup butter
1 1/2 cup sugar
5 cups flour
5 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. anise oil

Beat eggs and sugar well. Add melted cooled butter. Add anise oil, then dry ingredients. Mix well with a mixer on med. speed. till smooth.

With floured hands, roll dogh in ball (2-3 heaping teaspoonfuls). Place dough slightly off center - just a tiny bit back- close lid and cook for about one minute.

*It is okay to open lid to see if they are done- it will not affect the cookie to check a few times.

They should be slightly golden brown.

They lift very easily off the griddle with spatula.

Cool on flat surface, then start stacking them.

These are delicious served just as they are.

They are also great sprinkled with powdered sugar (especially at Christmas time- they'll look like a big snowflake cookie!)

You can also shape them to make a waffle cone for ice cream, but you need the proper form for this. You can form it to the bottom of a cup, let it cool that way, then it will be a perfect cup to fill with ice cream, drizzled with chocolate...yummmmm.

*Remember to take my cookie challenge and share the wealth!


  1. Looks so delicate and wonderful! Thanks for sharing! Love the pic with you and your mom, just precious! =) Liz

  2. This pizelle cookie is so cool! I'd have to go look for one, ^^.

  3. These look so beautiful, Sherri! What fun to be able to cook with your mom; can't wait to see more of her trusted recipes!

  4. You are so lucky to have a mom like that who passes recipes on.....and good ones! I'm looking forward to seeing a few more :).

  5. I love pizzelles. My Grandma always made them for us on an old-fashioned kind of maker - it's cast iron and makes one at a time on a stove burner. These look excellent!!

  6. I haven't had pizelles for years and they look yummy! I remember my Grandma letting me sprinkle powdered sugar on them, and getting it everywhere. Yummy - thanks for the memory. You two are gorgeous!

  7. everytime i see these i think i need one...

  8. These are so good. My friend's husband is the pizzelle maker and we love getting them at Christmas. I wish I felt more confident in making these. I know my Italian huusband loves them. But I am more of a biscotti girl!
    Very nice blog and I hope to see more!

  9. I've saved this recipe to be used over and over. Thank-you for sharing this one.