Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's a Baby SHower!

One of my best friends became a Grandma yesterday and I must admit- I can't wait to experience this for myself. A new little bundle of joy entered our world and I am once again just blown away by the handiwork of God. I literally stand in awe at His creation!

I love babies-don't they just give you hope?

I always love giving baby showers and thought I'd share of few photos of the latest shower we gave to welcome this new little guy into the world.

There was no particular theme, but blue and brown were the colors chosen and we carried it out throughout the shower.

As guests arrived, this was the entrance table that held a bottle of Raisinettes for guests to guess the amount of candy pieces in the bottle- to win a prize.

On the card for their estimation was also a place for them to write their name and address so the new Momma could send thank you cards to the generous guests. In addition to the baby balloon bouquet,simple brown gift bags with blue tissue paper added to the decor and also housed a couple of the gifts for the winners. A pair of baby socks and booties was added to the table decor as well.

We created a little clothesline of new Onesies and socks to hang above the gift table.

The dessert table included two chocolate fountains. One was white chocolate that was tinted blue for dipping marshmallows and football shaped pretzels. The other was semi-sweet chocolate for dipping strawberries and pineapple.

The cake was beautifully decorated by a local gal who we all love, and one side of the sheetcake was chocolate, the other was white.

Famous JP cookies (these were DELICIOUS) were also on hand. These are a basic sugar cookie with decorater icing that are the most requested cookie in our parts, made by Jaye Palmer, the cake decorator.

The Mom chose raspberry punch which although delicious, did NOT match the color scheme so it drove me crazy, but only for a moment! ;)

The tables were decorated in plain white tablecloths, with the same brown gift bags with blue tissue paper in them, and some curly wired blue ribbon down the center of the table. (I forgot to get a photo).

While the Mom to be opened her gifts, we played a CD of Lullabies and randomly drew names (from the cards the guests had filled out earlier)for the door prizes. We chose to not play games, and surprisingly, the guests were happy about that!

We also passed around a book for the guests to sign to give this first time Momma some tips and advice on raising the new little boy....who is now here!

Welcome to the world little guy! We love you already.


  1. Fabulous looking shower with some great ideas.

  2. Looks like a fun time with lots of neat ideas. I like the idea of using raisinettes in the bottle as both a game and a decoration.

  3. nice time, and great ideas... love the blue chocolate fountain

  4. It looks like a lovely shower. And babies are the best...especially grandbabies. Our only grandbaby is almost 16 months old and I had no idea when he was born how much I would love him...maybe even more than my own kids. Probably because when they get to be a handful you can give them back. :) They are the reward for going through parenthood!

  5. Looks like such a nice time, great foods, lovely layout, and such pretty decorations.

  6. I agree, nothing instills more hope than a new baby.

    The shower looks beautiful prepared and presented. Love the clothesline!

  7. Looks like you guys had a blast! Love the onesies
    on the clothes line1 Very creative!!

  8. I love baby showers....everything looks so beautiful!

  9. Sherri this is just weird. I headed your way because I need inspiration for my SIL's baby shower Sat. and this is what I find.

    Thank-you! Do you know where your old baby shower posts are or which month?