Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dirt Pie

No, this one isn't made with the traditional Oreo cookies...this is a meal prepared in a poor Haitian village BEFORE the earthquake. I cannot even fathom the conditions at this time.

PLEASE click over to my blog, Matter of Fact, and read a short story of a girl from my hometown,Alecia Vaughn Settle, who has been traveling there for several years and knows first hand the many needs of the people of Haiti. She also has provided several links to legitimate organizations that she KNOWS are being good stewards of the money sent to aid those in need.

What she saw there, and caught on film, transformed her life. A woman baking "dirt pies," literally baked dirt and flour that the poorest residents would eat. Children with distended stomachs and the red hair of malnutrition. Settle ended up returning to Haiti a dozen times, experiencing the death of a Haitian orphan and, in 2005, adopting another orphan girl, Angeline.

~Excerpt from Visualize


  1. Makes being grateful for our lives have a whole new meaning doesn't it? I feel for these poor people now and always.

  2. Mary- I thought of you there during Katrina- and how you know that in the US, with all means available to clean up the devastation, there is STILL destruction that has never been "cleaned up", YEARS after the fact. Can you even imagine this place?

  3. Oh my aching heart. This just withers me.

  4. This is such a horrible situation, certain to be worse over the next week before it gets better

  5. Wow Sherri. Just wow. :(

    I've donated to 5 charities so far for Haiti. I think I'll continue to donate for many many years. We donate to all kinds of causes, but I'm adding this one to my forever list.