Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Irish Blessing

I believe we should do everything within our power to promote strong family ties, and in my family (coming from an Italian background) that usually means family get-togethers that revolve around food!

When I married into my husband's Irish family, I decided to make a huge deal of St. Patrick's Day! The result? My three grown sons are very proud of their Irish heritage and it strengthens our family as a whole!

I invite My parents, Big Al's mother, my brother and sister and their children and my sons, of course.

My house is decorated for the special day

Simple table decor---and we eat on paper plates (let's face it...the Irish are NOT pretentious!)

Lots of traditional Irish music in the air (I have about 7 CDs now)

ANd we dance an Irish jig or two....

We enjoy traditional Irish recipes (corned beef and cabbage and Irish soda bread)

along with some other favorites that aren't necessarily Irish, but green in color and delicious! (Like the green ITALIAN creme cake (lest my boys forget their Italian heritage!)

And you know how the Irish enjoy story tellin'.....

My son Jordan is full of Blarney...he was awarded the Blarney Stone!

We look up interesting Irish facts and have an Irish trivia contest.

My brother and Mom....

My Mom and sister

My niece Cortney and I....I hope she grows up with fond memories of St. patty's Day at her great Aunt Sherri's house.

When the dancin' is over, we "sweep the floor" with the child with the longest hair! (A Murphy family tradition)

Any good Irishman helps his wife clean up after a big shindig!

Don't let these opportunities pass you by- celebrate ANYTHING and Everything with those you love most!

And may your house always be too small to hold all your friends!~ An Irish blessing.


  1. How fun was that!! Looks like great family memories! Love it!!

  2. What a wonderful family tradition Sherri; you're making lots of memories for your loved ones!
    That Italian Cream Cake looked fantastic too...I'd love a bog chunk of it. :)

  3. Nothing in moderation in those fotos... Great series, and a great family tradition!

  4. Sherri, as an Irish lass meself, I LOVE THIS!!! I think that it is so awesome that you celebrate this holiday all out. Excellent tradition and it looks like everybody really enjoys it. Thanks for sharing this with us all.

  5. Awww..we used to have celebrations like this when I was younger. Looks like you and your family had so much fun! Happy St. Patty's Day.

  6. Sherri, what a delightful post and a wonderful family get together. Loved all the smiling faces and the food to celebrate such an occasion. Thank you for sharing these precious moments with us.

  7. That looks like a fantastic family reunion, it's so nice to see that people still have good family values!