Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Anniversary to ME!

This past weekend, we celebrated our 31st anniversary!  We wanted to get away and do something special, but didn't have the time to travel far. We are also in the middle of home renovations so money is  a bit tight, but we never let an anniversary pass without doing something special because, well, let's face it-- there's not many people around who are celebrating over 30 years together and that is something that must be  celebrated!

We found the PERFECT getaway, that was close to home but felt like a different world for us. It was one hour from our home--a log cabin nestled in the woods- secluded, upon a hill with spectacular views and was just the R&R that was needed for us to reconnect, recommit and rejuvenate! THE CABIN ON THE HILL, in rural Carbondale, Illinois.

 There are actually 4 cabins-- one large enough for several guests, 2 that are a bit smaller, and then the cabin we rented, THE COUPLE'S RETREAT cabin.  This cabin had the best of both worlds.  Just enough "rustic" with the modern conveniences and was beautifully decorated.

A spacious, open design in the living room/kitchen area....
(The cabinets were stocked with all the dishes, cookware and bake ware needed to prepare your own meals. Even seasonings were provided. Microwave and a dishwasher helped make preparation and cleanup a breeze.

There are plenty of places to eat in the area  if you don't want to cook your own meals, but we had already enjoyed a nice meal earlier in the week, and this weekend, was about being ALONE. (hubba, hubba. ;)

The back patio (our favorite place) was where the hot tub and a small sitting area were located, and we were able to watch wild deer grazing in the yard close by, while we enjoyed a little down time.

I zoomed in from the screened-in porch to capture this one

We enjoyed appetizers, while my hubs grilled for us --some steak (marinating in A-1 brand marinade) and asparagus (in foil with a bit of butter and Parmesan) -- I prepared a salad and  a simple  watermelon for dessert.

Nothing fancy-- but nice.

We ate inside at the intimate table for two.

The hosts thought of everything. After dinner and some time in the hot tub (towels and robes provided), we enjoyed a movie on the television. They had also provided a very good selection of DVDs to chose from. There were also plenty of magazines, board games and brochures from  around the area of places to go and experience that would be very helpful for those who are not familiar with southern Illinois.

There was a nice little fire pit, with two chairs that we had planned to enjoy before going to bed, but the rain prevented it. Something I'll look forward to on our next visit.

Our comfortable bed in the nice bedroom ,  (complete with a flat-screened TV for those who need it) and adjoining bathroom was also decorated with just the right mix of rustic and modern decor  which I appreciated.

The front porch, with two rockers and a swing, provided the perfect setting for a peaceful morning's quiet time, enjoying coffee while listening to the birds sing before a peaceful,  steady rain began.

My hubs and I had planned our trip around an itinerary involving a motorcycle ride in and around this area to enjoy the beauty of southern Illinois, but the rain changed our plans.Instead,  we enjoyed the beauty we found INSIDE the cabin, and thoroughly enjoyed each other's company during the calming rainfall as we watched and listened  from the front porch and the screened-in back porch.

Due to the rain, we did not get to enjoy the walk on the trail near our cabin, or take the short trip to the barn to see the animals which was recommended. They also were generous to offer fresh eggs to our  morning breakfast, but I had prepared  our own breakfast ( simple oatmeal with berries and almonds, some grapes, ) and some cinnamon toast.)

Normally, there is a minimum of a two-night's stay (then you can REALLY get the full effect of a relaxing weekend), but there was only one night that was available, and we only had one night free to go. It still did the trick!

There is minimum housekeeping required ( AKA "cleaning up after yourself"...just the basics-- clean and put away any dirty dishes used, and put your wet towels in a hamper).

You really don't need to bring anything except food or snacks-- they provide all else (soaps, lotions, shampoos, robes, hair dryer, dishes, bakeware, utensils, serving pieces,  games, videos, reading material, etc.) You  will only need to sit back and enjoy the view!

I highly recommend THE CABIN ON THE HILL in Carbondale, Illinois for those in the area, who want to feel like you really got away, without having to travel very far.  But it would be a perfect place to retreat for those outside of the southern Illinois area, who are traveling here to take in the natural beauty this area offers.

You can click on their link here, to learn more about the many area attractions, and more info on the cabins.

You will need to book your cabin early, as you will see, there are not many openings any time soon.

We will not wait until next year took book a weekend here, again.  We may even try to talk the family into renting the bigger carbon for all of us.

Our grandbaby, Lia Rose, celebrated with us on the night of our anniversary earlier in the week as she accompanied us to dinner. It was a very HAPPY anniversary!


  1. happy anniversary :) the place looks amazing!
    and the last picture is adorable :) keep smiling ! :)
    im a regular reader of your blog but dont comment too often!

  2. Nice to hear from you! And thank you. :)

  3. Thank you for that great review. We're so glad you enjoyed your stay at Cabin on the Hill. Sure hope you'll come back in the near future and stay longer.

    Jill Fager, Owner
    Cabin on the Hill

    1. Can't wait...checking our calendar against yours now, Jill!

  4. How awesome! We are going to have to check this out.

    1. Go to their site and see all the cabins. It felt like we were far, far away...with the advantage of only about one hour's drive home.