Saturday, June 15, 2013

Grilled Hungry Man Pork Chops (an encore presentation)

Here's a great grill recipe to make to delight your Dad for Father's Day--and, if you live in an area that has high heat and humidity (as southern Illinois normally does), this will keep you from using your oven and heating things up even more!

Humidity and I are NOT close friends- I never did like her.

She's cruel.

She zaps my strength, she makes my hair all frizzy and she makes my house unbearable when I want to cook a large meal!

So, when my old enemy rears her ugly head, I let my old friend Mr. Grill do most of my cooking.

I made these delicious and thick-as-a-limb pork chops on the grill and although I only cooked two chops, two of my sons showed up and the chops were so large, it fed all of us!

I served them with some grilled red and green peppers, fried potatoes, and baked beans (from a can warmed up in the microwave- I wasn't about to turn on my oven!)

If you have a hungry man that needs his belly filled and it's too hot in your kitchen, try this delicious dish.


2 GINORMOUS pork chops!
Rub with generous amounts of Garlic salt and
pepper to suit your tastes.

Cut up strips of red and green pepper.
Sprinkle peppers with olive oil and salt/pepper and place in foil packet.

Put meat directly on med. flame on grill. Place veges in packet on grill.

Turn meat with tongs when brown, then turn again. Mine took at least 25 on my gas grill because they were so thick, but you may need to adjust the time on your grill.
Actually, I only prepare the food, then take it out to Big Al, and he grills it for me- bless his heart!

When done, arrange peppers around the meat on your serving tray.

Call for your Big Hungry men to come and get it!


  1. 2 Ginormous porkchops....CHECK!! LOL...these sound great, bet hubby would LOVE them :D

  2. We are getting the warm weather too. My solace is that it will be over in amount a month!

    The posk chops have me stopped dead in my tracks! They are absolutely fantastic!

  3. girlichef- they were ginormous, I tell ya'! I guarantee your hubby will love them!

    Katherine- It's good to dwell on the cool weather that will eventually come.

  4. Wow, this pork chop looks so tasty...yummie! Love the pictures, so tempting...

  5. Oh these are some gorgeous chops. Love pork chops with peppers, delish!

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