Monday, September 14, 2009

A Cook Book Giveaway- and Some Great Gift Ideas

Just in time for the cool weather baking season, I have been given a book (by my generous cousin Angie) to pass along to one lucky reader of this blog.

The book is filled with delicious cookie recipes and gift tags, for your convenience.
It is a $10.95 value and will be mailed to one lucky winner!

First of all, before you decide that jar gifts are outdated, remember, these gifts don't have to go in the same old mason jars. For a new look and twist on the jar gifts, try placing your mixes in any of these styles which can double for canisters or storing jars to be used later in any room of the house to store treasures.

These are basic styles that can be purchased at Wal-Mart, K-Mart or Target. (Be sure to purchase one that is airtight).

These would make wonderful gift ideas to take to someone who is under the weather, a school teacher, co worker, birthday , Christmas or congratulations gifts. Everyone appreciates a gift of food that is already organized for them.

Some of the recipes included are:

Grand Slam Triple Chocolate cookie mix
Gourmet Cookies
Raisin Crunch Cookies
Orange slice Cookies
Trail Cookies
White Chocolate Macadamia nut
Oatmeal Scotchies
Candy Bar Cookies

and many more traditional cookie recipes.

The contest starts today, and will end on Sunday Eve. Sept. 27 . Winner will be announced Monday 28 by 9:00 AM.
Winner will be chosen by the old fashioned name in the hat method.

Here's how you enter:

For one chance to win, simply leave a comment telling me which cookie recipe from the above list you would like to try.
(I will post that recipe after the contest).

For two chances to win: Follow this blog.

For three chances to win: Put a link to this contest on your sidebar.

For Four chances to win: Post about this contest.

For 5 or more chances to win: Send others this way. Any commenter who mentions your name will help you earn another chance to win. CONTEST IS OPEN TO CONTINENTAL US RESIDENTS ONLY.


  1. I want to try the Grand Slam Triple Chocolate cookie mix!

    Not sure it counts but I already follow your blog.

    I am posting a post about this on my cooking blog along with my personal blog! Both will have a link.

  2. Carie- You have just earned yourself 10 chances at winning the cookbook! Good luck! (and yes, I will count a current follower)

  3. I want this book Sherri! It's been on my list to buy. I don't think jar cookies are outdated at all!

    I want to make all the cookies, but I'd start with the orange slice and put the jars in the custom baskets I give out at Christmas.

    And of course I follow your blog.


  4. Laura- You've earned 3 chances to win the book. Good luck.

  5. The jar gifts are a fantastic idea and i think they are so appreciated. Nothing like home made goodies! My all time favorite is the white chocolate and macadamia nut.

  6. katherine- your name has been entered 3 times.

  7. Grand slam triple chocolates for me!
    Great giveaway :)

  8. White chocolate macadamia! Yum!! Good to hear from you - hope things slow down.

  9. Julie and Reeni- Your names have been entered three times each!

  10. Are you kidding! I'd love to try Grand Slam Triple Chocolate cookie mix, Chocolate rules!

  11. I'm a follower....and I'm thinking the Orange Slice cookies sound unique and I'd like to try them :D

  12. Kathy and girli chef- you're both in for three chances.

  13. The trail cookies have piqued my interest. Those gift in a jar cookbooks are always cool.

    And of course I already follow you! :)

  14. Mary- your name has been entered 3 times. Good luck.

  15. This cookbook sounds great! I love giving gifts like those in a jar.

    The Oatmeal Scotchies have my attention... they're one of my son's favorite cookies!

    I follow you!

  16. I think those recipes in a jar make really neat gifts. I read about one family that made up about 20 of them, filled with different mixes, to give someone for a bridal shower. I thought that was a terrific idea. I'd probably start by making the candy bar cookies, because how can you go wrong with cookies that have candy bar pieces in them? :)

  17. Lynn- that is a FANTASTIC idea to present to a new bride!

  18. But I want to WIN!! I want that cookbook...LOL.
    And the oatmeal scotchies sound good.

  19. Debbie- I've entered your name into the hat.

  20. Awesome contest Sherri and I LOVE your idea to bake a batch of cookies each week until the holidays. I'd do that too, but they would never make it out of my apartment between my husband and I.

    I think I would love the Trail Cookies!

  21. I'd follow you here but that darn followers gadget is all goofy again!

  22. I would like to try the Orange slice Cookies, they sound interesting!!! Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  23. Carla- your name has been entered into the contest. Good luck.

  24. Follower gadget still not working here. I thought I was already following this blog, but according to my profile, I'm not. I hope the gadget is back up soon!

    Oh, and I would love to try those triple chocolate cookies and the candy bar ones. Who can choose?

  25. Wendy- I'll look into the follower gadget thing. I'll put your name in the hat.

  26. Wendy- when I pressed "follow", it went through. (See my pic following my own blog). Try again.

  27. I would like to try the Grand Slam Triple Chocolate cookie recipe.

    I subscribe via google reader.

  28. Rita- I'll put your name in the hat 3 times. Good luck.

  29. Yeah, you know I am a follower.
    The cookie recipes sound delightful.
    I shall post a link to your contest on twitter, even though that will only increase competetion.

  30. Okay girl, I followed you, which I sooo would have done anyhoo! And I would love to try the Trail Cookies for starters. Don't they just sound like Autumn yumilicious-ness!?
    I'm going to tweet your cookie contest!!!
    All Things Heart and Home

  31. Okay, now I'm following. Glad the gadget is working again!

  32. Hi Sherri,

    What a cool idea!! (And kudos to your cousin for graciously donating the book!)

    I know this contest isn't open to Canadian residents, but I'm happy to follow your blog anyway ... and I would post a link to this contest, but it seems I'm a little late arriving to the party at this point. (My bad!)

    Either way..... I'm very intrigued by the Trail Cookies and would love to make them soon, so hopefully whoever wins the book ends up listing those as their choice. :)

  33. Oh I'd love to win this book! I'm already a follower of this blog!

    I actually made brownies in a jar last year and gave them as gifts. People LOVED them!

    It's such a wonderful idea!

  34. I just got this today!!!!! I am so shopping this weekend so I can make some jars to pass out to friends!!

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