Thursday, March 25, 2010

Three Ingredient Thursday- Cranberry Mustard Pork Chops

This little experiment worked out really well. This came from the mind of a bored cook with a nearly empty cabinet right before a food shopping spree, while she was trying to use up some ingredients she had on hand.

I'm bored easily and because my sons are frequent guests at my dinner table, my cabinets get emptied on a regular basis. SO this one was easy to come up with.

Who says cranberry sauce must be a seasonal ingredient? It was wonderful!
You will need :

*Pork Chops ( I like a thicker cut, but your preference will work)
*Dijon mustard
*whole berry cranberry sauce (from the can)
(We won't count S&P and oil for cooking)

Season chops with S & P and brown slightly in skillet in 1-2 T. oil. Brush on mustard and cook on med.heat on stovetop covered for 5 minutes. Turn over and brush other side with mustard and cook for 5 more minutes on Med. High heat while covered. Turn heat to med., till meat is thoroughly cooked and spoon cranberry sauce over top. Heat through.

It's that simple.
Something a bit different for when you're bored and your cabinets are bare.



  1. yummy! sounds wonderful... I wonder if you could do this combo with pork loins in a crockpot... hmmm...

  2. It sounds good Sherri! Sometimes the scrounge-the-cabinet meals are the best :)

  3. I don't know why not, Cheryl! I think that sounds delicious.

    Kathy- I agree.

  4. Love pork... in fact, making a little pork tonight...

    and of course use the cranberries... so pretty

  5. Oh, yes, this would be a definite winner here as well. And if I had it, a little dried onion soup, as well!

  6. This looks like a winner to me- I love cranberries with pork, so these pork chops will be a hit at my house! Thanks Sherri.

  7. I finally made the pork loin flavored with cranberry sauce except I used 'honey mustard' instead of Dijon mustard.

    I must say... this dish was FABULOUS, melted in your mouth and was gobbled up QUICKLY!

    Thank you thank you! This is now one of our favorite dishes!