Thursday, June 18, 2009


I had many inquiries about the drink in my photo yesterday, as it was on both of my blog sites. I even received emails!

It was a virgin Pina Colada that was delicious and really hit the spot while beach side.

Obviously many of you might prefer the drink with alcohol, but this one could be served to kids, or for breakfast or just enjoyed when a "kick" is not necessary!

Very simple to make:

7 oz pineapple juice
2 oz coconut cream
1 cup crushed ice

Add the pineapple juice, coconut cream and crushed ice to a blender; blend at high speed. Pour into a Collins glass. Garnish with a maraschino cherry, a pineapple wedge, and serve.

You gotta' find these little umbrellas for the full beach affect.
Then go lay by the pool, or the hot tub, the lake, pond, fountain or bath tub ,if that's all you have. Play some soothing music and pretend you're on the beach.


  1. This sounds really good....refreshing.
    I don't always need a "kick".

  2. I love the flavors and the ease of preparation. Delicious. . . Have a great weekend.

  3. When I was on my honeymoon with Bob in Hawaii, we drank virgin Chi Chis. A virgin Chi Chi is different from a virgin Pina Colada in that a virgin Chi Chi is missing vodka, while a virgin Pina Colada is missing rum from its ingredients.
    In other words, I'll be adjusting this recipe to make it a virgin Chi Chi.

  4. Helen- that sounds wonderful. "TO BOB!" Here Here!

  5. Stumbled onto your blog. Everything looks delicious! where do you get coconut cream? is that the same as canned coconut milk?

  6. Sherri, it seams really good, I´ll taste, but I never sow coconut cream here in Brasil, may i use coconut milk? next week is my dad´s birthday, I´ll make for that.
    Your blog is very interisting, and the picture is wonderfull!!!