Thursday, July 16, 2009

3 Ingredient Thursday- Blueberry Pancakes

I know I should be ashamed posting something that basically is NOT a recipe, but more of a "how to fake out the family and make them think you made something from scratch early before church on Sunday Morning". Which is exactly what I did here.

But you know what? When my hubby and son give rave reviews over something so easy, I think I should share the secret so the next time you're in a bind, you have this simple "instruction" to fall back on.

Here's what I did...

I slept in on Sunday morning but still wanted to give them somewhat of a hearty breakfast. So I pulled out the pancake mix (the kind that you only add water to- it was even a generic brand!) and added a cup full of fresh blueberries to the batter and viola! Perfect tasting blueberry pancakes! The guys were none the wiser!

I served it with syrup and a side of fresh fruit mix, Apple Raspberry Juice and a cup of Hazelnut coffee. Sunday morning never tasted so good!

Now, to make up for my unpreparedness on this lazy Sunday morning, I decided to share a REAL recipe with you by someone who obviously was prepared on Sunday. Click here for a delicious Homemade (from scratch) Blueberry Pancake recipe from the Cooking Photographer. She uses a special ingredient I think you'll enjoy.
Tell her Sherri Sent ya'!

*Hey, before you leave, today is my friend Candy's birthday! Would you hop on over to Steele the Day, just to wish her a happy day? It'll only take a minute to spread some sunshine...come on!


  1. Yum! I love faking people out like that. Easy is best, especially when it tastes great!

  2. Fresh blueberries can make anything taste wonderful! They are just so yummy!

  3. I feel like I didn't need to bake from scratch now lol! Your's look perfect Sherri!

  4. Oh heck, can I eat them on Friday? ;-)