Thursday, July 16, 2009

A special request

I interrupt this food blog to bring you a special request...

My son's friend Tyson Serles, a Private First Class in the US Army was critically injured in a roadside bombing in Afghanistan and is now recovering in a hospital in Iraq. You can read more about his story here.

He is there without familiar faces or family, and not only is physically injured, but is mourning the loss of many of his fellow soldiers in the explosion.

His father has asked for cards and letters of encouragement to be sent to his son, so I thought I would pass along the address for those who would be willing to take 5 minutes to lighten this 19 year old boy's load.

Small sacrifice on our part, for one who has already sacrificed so much.

Would you be willing to help?

Here is his address:

PFC Serles, Tyson
FOBTF Sparta
HHT, 1-40 CAV (ABN)
APO AE 09354

Feel free to pass along this post or info on your blogs, or through emails, or prayer chains, etc.

We are trying to fill his room with cards and letters from people all over the world! Will you help?

Start your weekend off the best way you reaching out to someone in need.

I promise you, you'll be glad you did!


  1. I will not only send a card but figure out something else too.

    My heart is torn apart for this soldier and my prayers are with him now.

    First, do you know how long he will be staying in that hospital? Will he be transferred, or is that not possible now.


  2. I will get something out to him right away. My heart hurts for him and his family.

  3. This is such a sad story. It's really heartbreaking to think about what these soldiers go through - physically and emotionally. I will be praying for him.

  4. Laura- I have no idea. This was the address they gave to send cards to him, and it doesn't look to me like it is in the hospital, but maybe his main address and they would forward them along to him? I'm not certain, but it is the address the dad gave.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for your willingness to go above and beyond. I'm sure he and his family will appreciate it- as do I.

    Donna- thank you so much! My heart hurts for them too. I try to put myself in their shoes and I just can't imagine.

    Meghan, thanks for your prayers. He will need them, today, and many days ahead.

  5. So young. My husband is a Navy man, and I completely understand the dedication of these soldiers and I even get the necessity of war, and even the necessity of our involvement worldwide, but I sure wish this conflict would end. I know war will never stop, but our guys and gals could sure use a break.

    Sherri, I absolutely will write to him. Gonna go grab a card out of my office and do it right now. And I'll pass on your links to my friends too. You've probably shared this before, but I'd love to reference you as my "source" so would you mind sharing your son's first name just so I can mention him and you in my note?

  6. Mary- THANK YOU SO MUCH! I feel the same about war- I hate it! I realize at times it is necessary, but so wish it was over for the soldiers right now! Thaks for doing this.

    My son's name is Jon.

  7. Thanks for posting this. I'll be happy to send a little something his way.

  8. My heart goes out to this young man. I'll have my kids help make a card for him.

  9. Annie- Thank you

    Tiffany- great idea to have the kids in on it!

  10. prayers for a speedy recovery for him and thank you for sharing his story...

  11. Hi Sherri,

    I was wondering if you had an update on Tyson? I just got back to town and am leaving again but wanted to find out before I left.


  12. Sorry- I have no update. But I do know that this post and his sidebar photo with a link to my post about him, has been spread EVERYWHERE! I'm sure he is being flooded with cards and well wishes! I have no idea how long the cards take to get to him. I'll be leaving myself for the weekend, so I don't know when I'll be able to find out. Maybe Monday. Thanks for asking.