Saturday, November 14, 2009

Would you pray?

Monday I will post the giveaway on this site. It doesn't seem appropriate right now.

My heart is heavy today over the tragic accident that took the life of a beautiful 15-year-old Freshman girl last night.

Maddy Darnell was in a car with her mother, one of my co-workers Amy Serena, sadly, Maddy received fatal injuries.
Amy has received injuries as well, but the update is that they are NOT serious. Please pray for this family, Amy's husband and two other children were not in the vehicle. The Serena and Darnell families need lifted up.

Amy and her husband also lost a son several years ago.

PLEASE pray for all of them.

And look around at those you love and hold most dear...tell them you love them. Hug them. Kiss them . Squeeze them. Make them your number one priority! Life is too short.


  1. Prayers are on my lips and in my heart.

  2. That is so tragic. Sending love and prayers for the Serena and Darnell families.

  3. They are in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Of course.... we will lift them up.

  5. Sherri,

    So sorry to hear about this. They are definitely in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. of course Jackie and my prayers will be with you, your family and loved ones. God's plan is a difficult concept for all of us

  7. Just read this a few days late, but will still keep them in my prayers. So much sadness and tragedy going around lately.

  8. I just read this....My prayers are with you and all the families...

  9. I'm so sorry I missed this Saturday, but I will be praying as of today.

    May God wrap His loving arms of comfort around all who are touched by this tragedy. Amen.