Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Sopranos Soup

I let my husband name this one, because he went on and on about how good it was and he said no one would want to try something called "Spinach Tortellini Soup" because (he said) that name didn't do it justice.

So he said it needed a good Italian The Sopranos.

It was very good and filling but not in the "Uh-Oh I just clogged another artery" sort of way. :)

I made it yesterday along with a nice big fruit salad and enjoyed a healithier meal than usual...and it felt good.

So, if you want to give it a whirl.


1 box tri-color cheese tortellini
1 bag (9-10 0z.) pre-washed leaf spinach (in the salad section)
4 cans chicken broth
1 bouillon cube
1 carrot (thin slices)
5 pinches Good Season's Italian Seasoning mix
*Boiled chicken pieces (optional)-I only put chicken in because my husband wouldn't consider it a main dish without meat in it)

Parmesan cheese


Boil tortellini, and spinach in water for about 7 minutes. Drain. Heat broth and bouillon and add spinach, carrots boiled chicken and seasonings and simmer for about 20 minutes. Serve with sprinkled Parmesan cheese on top.



  1. Your soup looks perfect-just what's needed for this cold weather.
    My husband always wants meat in my minestrone soup, but I prefer it without. Guess it's a guy thing. :)

  2. I'm adding this to my soup rotation.