Saturday, April 18, 2009

Steak Night at Martin's Restaurant

Friday night Big Al and I ventured out on the Harley to a nearby restaurant, Martin's restaurant and Catering.

Martin's has been around for years, and is a family style restaurant complete with a friendly, home style atmosphere.
It is located on East Main in Benton, Illinois.

For those of you that aren't familiar with Benton, it is a small town in SO. Illinois that just so happens to be the hometown of actor JOHN MALKOVICH.

Martin's is open for breakfast and lunch daily, but on Friday Nights, the hours are extended as they serve delicious home style meals of Fried Chicken and Fried fish.

We came for their signature steak.

We were served a large, juicy steak, that had been marinading in a Delicious blend of flavors and cooked to perfection (medium well) just like I like it. NO sauce was needed!

It was accompanied by a baked potato and a house salad and a dinner roll for.....get this....
only $12.99!!!

We were served a special little cheese spread with buttery crackers while we were waiting on our steaks (no extra charge) and it was very simple but delicious.

We also enjoyed some mighty fine Raspberry tea!

Had we not eaten so much of the cheese and crackers before our meal, we would have ordered a slice of chocolate pie, or coconut, but we.were.stuffed.

We thought about taking a couple of slices home for a midnight snack, but...we were on a Harley...pie doesn't travel well on a bike.

We'll go back though, as this special is served every Friday night 4:00 - 7:00 pm.

Martin's is also known for their catering service. Catering wedding receptions, reunions, parties, church socials, you name it.

If you're anywhere near So. Illinois, this is definitely worth the trip. If you choose to stop by, tell 'em Sherri sent ya'!And have a slice a pie on me!

My compliments to the chef!

Bob Martin, Chef and Owner with one satisfied customer!

*I know what you're all thinking...why would I post a picture of myself that looks that bad?

It was a tough decision. For the record, I WAS SICK, on drugs (prescription) and had Harley hair. But Bob looks good so I decided to throw my normal vanity aside and feature the photo anyway. As soon as we came home, I went to bed.


  1. Hi Sherri, I'm Mary - just passing through looking at random blogs (as if I have nothing else to do, like housework for instance LOL!)

    I can't believe y'all found that dinner for $12.99! Get out!! Sure looks good.

    By the way, I think you look great in that pic!

    Well, have a great weekend! In the meantime, I'm off to poke around at your recipes :)


  2. Welcome "My new 30".
    I'm glad you stopped by- and if you're ever in So. Illinois and have an extra $12.99 you know where to go!

    Thanks for being so kind with your compliments.

    I just stopped by your blog as well, and found some great recipes.

    Hope to hear more from you soon.

  3. I know where Benton Il is! I live just across the Ohio in west Ky. I work in Paducah and live in north graves county. Small world huh?

  4. Oh, I meant to ask you how you feel about Lamberts?